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V2 Rocket Incident  
V2 Rocket Incident

A V2 rocket incident at St Leonards Road / Tatsfield Avenue, Nazeing, on November 12th 1944. Ten people were killed in this incident.
  Year: 1944 Upload Date: 1st March 2009
Ref No: RSC.1944.382 Location: Nazeing
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Comment by Roy Benwell • 05-02-17 • 11.42 AM
I was there as a child with my brother. Approaching from Black Adder Cottages via the fields on the west. Our father was a St John's medic on site early. We arrived 2 hours later, They had not started to repair the gas main pipe - a huge billowing fire ball. I am now 82 years old. A sad day
Comment by L Daniels • 29-11-09 • 02.00 PM
My grandfather ( family Daniels) was one of the aux fireman that attended the crash site of the rocket. The rocket landed in the middle where the boys where playing football he said that the boys where found hanging in the trees my father was asked to play football with his cousin but they had work to do at home That age group was nearly wiped out in Nazeing. Great great grandfather was the fish man who did the fish around Nazeing on his horse and cart when going across Broadley common a German fighter plane attacked the dummy airfield shooting it up grandfather jumped from the cart and hid in the ditch when the plane went away he was sure the horse was dead. When doing his rounds the horse followed would him up the road To his surprise the horse and the cart where in the ditch behind him. My father R W F Daniels worked on the airfield at Broxbourne first in the workshop and then as driver mate on the Queen Marys picking up wrecks and engines to and from Panshanger for repair.
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