Gutteridge Butchers Shop

Mr Gutteridge standing in the doorway with his wife, and daughter Eleanor. The premises later became Farmer Butchers, Cowlings Hardware and Lloyd's Chemist. This picture c1920.

  • Year: 1920
  • Ref No: RSC.1920.119
  • Copyright: Raymond Sears 2008
  • Key Figures: Mr & Mrs Gutteridge & daughter, plus staff
  • Donated By: ON-Original Negative
  • Street: 10 Sun Street

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Gutteridge Butchers

My mother used to use this shop. There were separate counters fro fresh and cooked meats and the counter staff did not take the money, just gave you a ticket you took to a small booth to pay. The alley just visible at the side was used to take cattle through to the abattoir behind the shop. In the evening one of those wooden bodied cattle trucks could often be seen in Sun Street delivering its cargo.

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