The new Town Hall

Waltham Abbey Town Hall, built by John Bentley Builders. Note the two arched doorways to the right of the front door. These were for use by the local volunteers fire brigade for their horse drawn engine. After 1923 they had a motor fire engine, which was housed here until during the second world war, when the fire station was transferred to the Romeland. This picture 1905.

  • Year: 1905
  • Ref No: RSC.1905.326
  • Copyright: 2008 Raymond Sears
  • Street: Highbridge Street

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James Pickett, carpenter

My Grandfather, James, worked for John Bentley Builders during this period. There is said to be a container with their names in built into the tower of Waltham Abbey Church during some restoration work.

Submitted on 19/09/2016 - 10:49 by Angela Kenny